Wake Up Your Selling Effort

“Learning from Rory is like being struck by lightning. ”

-Kerry Schofield
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A Trajectory Changing Approach to Business

“Focus Selling doesn’t just shake things up. It registers on the Richter scale.”

-Eric Anthony Ramirez

Focus Selling Devastates Your Competition

Isn't it about time you gave yourself an unfair advantage?

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Is Getting Better Good Enough?

Don’t Call It Sales Training, Dem’s Fighting Words!

A Dramatic Change in Performance

Influence Performers with Personal Power

Focus Selling Isn’t Fair

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Build Leaders Who Win Top
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With over 3 decades of proven results, we help your people WANT TO perform.

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Use our winning system and you will find that winning becomes inevitable.

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It Doesn't Just Make It Rain, It Makes Revenue Pour

See a dramatic change in your performance
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Return On Investment in the First Year
200 to 1
Return On Investment in 3 Years

Don't Take Our Word For It

Real Customers, Saying Real Things

Rustin Kretz
CEO, Scorpion Design
“I can confidently say that nothing has improved our execution, people and processes more than Focus Selling.”
Connie Kadansky
Sales Call Reluctance Coach and Trainer, Exceptional Sales Training
“Having been exposed to countless consultants, Rory Clark is second to none. His process is stable and content-rich. It unfolds like magic when implemented.”
Thann Dauterive
On Semiconductor
“Trustworthy and loyal with succinct, forthright discussions, Rory makes an impactful positive change in organizations and people’s lives.”
Adrian Buckley
Area Director Mentor Graphics
“Focus Selling has de-mystified the sales process. The pragmatic, future-oriented methodology brings the right amount of rigour and is well suited to the way that account managers actually work. We have experienced huge, repeatable growth in our business by adopting this process.”
Kevin Thomson
Vice President of Internet Marketing, Scorpion Design
“Being in Rory’s session felt like he had put a defibrillator on my chest and started my heart again.”

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